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With Supporting Strategies, franchisees aren’t just investing in a business — they’re staking their flag in an industry that’s already exploded, and is poised to grow steadily in the coming years. The outsourced financial services industry has $145 billion in annual revenue, and industry growth of over $10 billion each year. Bookkeeping is an important segment of the industry, which makes it the perfect time to own a bookkeeping franchise. Economic growth has buoyed our industry’s success, and as companies expand there is a rising need for experienced bookkeepers to keep their growing businesses running smoothly. Due to economic growth, healthy equity markets, and an increasing number of new businesses requiring bookkeeping, we expect the industry to remain profitable and continue growing at a healthy pace.

As a valued franchisee, we want you to thoroughly understand the benefits of your investment when opening a bookkeeping business. When you own a bookkeeping franchise you come to expect efficiency, and we make sure your investment yields an immediate, efficient return. Here’s what you get when you invest in a Supporting Strategies franchise:

Exclusive Marketing Territory

With Supporting Strategies you won’t just own a bookkeeping franchise, you’ll also own a designated territory for you to run your business. We’ll set you up with exclusive marketing rights to operate within that territory, and provide you with access to marketing materials to be successful.

Operations Manual

By the time you make your investment you will already have a thorough understanding of the Supporting Strategies mission and values, but to make our day to day processes a little clearer, we supply you with our Operations Manual. The manual covers everything you need to know from our proprietary software and virtual technology stack to hiring procedures. We’re serious about our commitment to make sure our franchisees are well-equipped to succeed.

WorkPlace™ and Supporting Strategies University

One of the franchise benefits we’re proudest of is our proprietary workflow management software. We are strong believers that to be successful, you need a sophisticated, current technology toolset; WorkPlace™ allows you perfect one-stop access to everything you need to effectively run your franchise. Its main benefits are:

  • Business Management  Track employee time and create billing invoices for client billing. Also, easily utilize payroll data and analyze budget variances.
  • Supporting Strategies University  You will have complete access to our library of video-based courses, as well as customized templates and articles on operations, business development, and bookkeeping.
  • Team Management  Let WorkPlace™ help you manage team budgets, employee demographic data, and more.
  • Client Management  WorkPlace™ gives you all the tools you need to conveniently store and retrieve client information. It also provides easy access to the specific procedures needed to serve each client.
  • Task Management  Having client information at your fingertips is crucial; WorkPlace™ makes it easier than ever to consolidate critical client information.

Virtual Key and Virtual Cloud

Our Virtual Key and Cloud provides every franchisee and team member with the hardware, software, and support they need to succeed in their role. We’re a big believer in staying current with the latest bookkeeping technology. Cloud bookkeeping allows for safer, more efficient and accurate bookkeeping, with updates and information given with up-to-date information.

Marketing Kit

When you succeed, we succeed. Whether it’s brochures, folders, popup banners, website assistance, or business cards, we equip you with what you need to create local awareness of our brand, and promote your franchise. To make the most of your exclusive marketing territory, we encourage you to take full advantage of our suite of marketing resources.

Cohort Assignment

As a new franchisee, it’s important that you feel like part of the Supporting Strategies family. When you sign on with us, you will be assigned to a cohort group with approximately eight other franchisees. This is a continuing, symbiotic relationship, where you are encouraged to support and advise each other in your journeys from new franchisees to successful business owners.


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