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Workflow management systems are becoming increasingly more integral to the success of not only bookkeeping firms, but many companies in diverse industries. This software is meant to make every day processes easier and more accessible by providing an infrastructure to set up, execute, and monitor workflows. Workflow management systems make it easy to create tasks and objectives, coordinate with team members to identify and solve problems, and keep track of deliverables in a meticulous fashion, particularly in the bookkeeping industry, where data is being compiled and synthesized in real-time, and quick access to information is incredibly important.

Because we work extensively with cloud software, our bookkeeping is managed and stored in a centralized, easily accessible remote space. It allows information to be saved immediately and backed up instantly. Real-time access to key financial data is crucial to the success of any business. Cloud bookkeeping allows us to identify and solve issues before they arise, and to develop more sophisticated financial strategies.

WorkPlace™ Workflow Management Software

Proprietary Software

WorkPlace™, our proprietary workflow management software, has helped Supporting Strategies become a leader in the bookkeeping business. WorkPlace™ allows you to access everything you need to run your franchise from one easy-to-use application. This software provides real-time, role-based visibility into all client engagements. Primarily, it will help you with:

  • Business management: Track employee time and create invoices for client billing. WorkPlace also lets you analyze budget variances and utilize payroll data.
  • Supporting Strategies University: SSU, our best practices repository, includes on-demand video-based courses and a library with standardized procedures, customized templates and articles on bookkeeping, operations, business development, franchise management and more.
  • Team management: Manage your team budgets, employee demographic data and more.
  • Task management: WorkPlace puts all critical client information at your team's fingertips. Manage client deliverables and access client-related tasks and email.

Internal Resources

Live support and training are available courtesy of our Support Team. These professionals manage support request tickets, handle document scanning and management, perform IT support and more.

Third-Party Software

In addition to WorkPlace, Supporting Strategies Franchisees can tap into third-party software products like these:

  • Toolbox: A comprehensive array of integrated solutions available for client management, including cloud-based accounting tools to manage our clients’ general ledger, payables and receivables transaction processing, document management, financial reporting and more.
  • Business Development: Hupspot CRM features “everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your leads and customers,” according to HubSpot. This is a great tool for organizing and enhancing visibility into your contacts, networking efforts and sales pipeline.

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