Take Your Career to the Next Level with a Cloud Bookkeeping Franchise

While the profession itself may be as old as the abacus, bookkeeping is an ever-changing industry as exciting as it is dynamic. It is heavily reliant on new technologies and the most efficient processes to stay up-to-date, and these days, staying current is more important than ever. The integration of industry-altering tech, like cloud bookkeeping, sets Supporting Strategies apart from bookkeepers mired in less efficient systems, and makes ours a particularly rich franchising opportunity.

Supporting Strategies Cloud Bookkeeping

Why Cloud Bookkeeping is Key to Success

Many bookkeeping firms are reluctant to transition away from more traditional methods, like non-automatic, server-based programs. This software, while comfortably familiar, is slowing down the bookkeeping industry and making age-old firms a bad investment. Cloud bookkeeping stores all your information in a centralized, easily-accessible remote space. It saves information immediately, backs up data instantly, and makes the process cleaner and neater. Most importantly, it helps you avoid mountains of paperwork. 

Many bookkeepers and firms still use on-site servers, which run the risk of crashing. It’s important that your financial data is safe and secure, not only from hackers, but from unexpected hardware failure. As a remote server, the cloud safeguards your Information and protects your business from devastating server crashes. Clients want a bookkeeping company that not only tracks and gives insights on valuable financial information, but also keeps that information secure. 

One of the most vital distinctions between cloud bookkeeping and more antiquated bookkeeping systems is the ability to view financial information in real-time. Having key data at your fingertips is crucial to the success of any business. It allows you to identify and solve issues before they arise, and develop more sophisticated financial strategies. It also automates time-consuming tasks that might otherwise waste hours of a business owner’s day. Cloud bookkeeping not only keeps you abreast of financial activity in real-time, but also keeps costs low. It eliminates the need for IT equipment, and allows for out-of-office access anywhere in the world. 

Stay Ahead of the Trend

With any business venture, you want to make sure the risk is worth the reward. Buying a franchise always comes with the knowledge that you’re investing in a proven business model. With Supporting Strategies, that model is entrenched in cutting-edge, industry-leading technology. Firms that employ cloud bookkeeping earn an average of $7,070 per client vs. $4,476 for those who don’t. They also see a year-by-year revenue increase of 15.5% compared to 3.9%, and those numbers are only getting stronger. For everything you need to know about cloud bookkeeping, and how it can propel your Supporting Strategies franchise to the moon,   Check our E-book. 

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