Supporting Strategies’ Role in a Growing and Thriving Bookkeeping Industry

You should never invest in a franchise unless you have a thorough understanding of the market’s strength, and an optimistic projection for your financial future. That’s part of what we’re aiming to walk you through today: details on the strength of the bookkeeping industry, and why there’s reason for optimism that our industry will continue to not just thrive, but also grow moving forward.

The bookkeeping industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years thanks to a flourishing economy. New companies have been burgeoning at a quicker rate than ever, existing companies have expanded, and all of them require some form of bookkeeping services. Professional, efficient bookkeeping is crucial to a company’s success; our clients not only appreciate our qualified bookkeepers, but also the enthusiasm and attentiveness of our franchisees, who are passionate about helping their business become successful.

Let’s take a closer look at the bookkeeping industry and the role Supporting Strategies has to play in it.

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Industry Strength

Especially if it’s your first experience in franchising, you want to make sure you’re investing in an industry with a positive outlook. With the bookkeeping industry, new franchisees will be taking advantage of an industry that’s already exploded, and is poised to continue its growth in the coming years. The bookkeeping industry generates $74 billion annually, and is projected to continue to grow annually by 5.4%. This means that now really is the perfect time to own a bookkeeping franchise.

On the Cutting Edge

While we always can find reasons to be excited about our industry’s prospects, we understand that for new franchisees, there are a few aspects of the bookkeeping industry that can be confusing. That’s why we provide a full suite of resources, including e-books and webinars, to keep our franchisees informed. Our e-books cover all the ins and outs of the Supporting Strategies brand and business model, our service offerings, and the bookkeeping industry. Since our industry relies heavily on new technology and efficient processes to stay current, we want you to feel up to speed on those processes, and well-equipped to assist clients with the latest in bookkeeping tech. 

Our Proprietary Software

It’s not only important to us that our franchisees are educated about the myriad of technologies and trends in our industry, but also that they have access to some pretty exciting and unique technology of your own. WorkPlace™ is our proprietary workflow management software, and it has helped Supporting Strategies become a leader in the bookkeeping industry. WorkPlace gives you the ability to run your franchise from one easy-to-use application. It provides accurate, real-time visibility into all client engagements, including: 

Business Management: WorkPlace makes it easier to track employee time and create invoices for client billing. It also lets you analyze budget variances and utilize payroll data. 

Supporting Strategies University: SSU is our best practices repository, including on-demand video-based courses and a library with standardized procedures, customized templates and articles on bookkeeping, operations, business development, franchise management, and more.

Team Management: Manage employee demographic data, team budgets, and more.

Task Management: Helps with managing client deliverables and accessing client-related tasks and email.

If you’re excited about launching a franchise in the thriving bookkeeping industry, contact Supporting Strategies today to learn how you can get started.

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