Supporting Strategies CEO, Leslie Jorgensen, Featured in Right Networks Q&A

Technology is everywhere these days, and our computers, smart phones, and tablets have become necessary parts of everyday life. Evolving with the technology is imperative for a business to succeed, and at Supporting Strategies, we strive to do just that, using cloud based programs to allow our franchisees and their employees to work remotely.


Our CEO, Leslie Jorgensen, discussed the importance of creating a remote environment in a Q&A with Right Networks, a company that works closely with Supporting Strategies to make operating our business—and our franchises—simple. Right Networks and Supporting Strategies work together to create effective virtual workspaces that have allowed us to build such a large client base.

Virtual workspaces allow our franchise owners to work from anywhere, anytime. This has been integral to our franchisees’ successes, as working remotely means less overhead. We recognize the many faces of small business owners—including our franchisees—and we are constantly working to create a better experience for all.

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