Small Business Ownership: Risk vs. Benefit

A Supporting Strategies Franchise is a small business that supports other small businesses through outsourced bookkeeping services. All businesses need bookkeeping services and outsourcing these functions proves to be more cost-effective and time saving – which probably accounts for the boom in this industry. Each franchisee is opening a bookkeeping business that they can draw success from and feel proud of operating.

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Is making the investment worth the risk? Well, the answer is that the intention of this type of investment is that it should not feel like a risk at all. We not only provide the tools and support our franchisees need for success, but we also make sure that making the investment is the right move in the first place.

The Ideal Franchisee:

  • Corporate Controllers, CFO, VP of Finance, MBA, CPA, or Business Owner
  • Understanding of Business Finance
  • Successful Individuals with Net Worth of $250K+

We are not looking for individuals to put forth their entire nest egg, nor do we want anyone taking risks on an unreliable business model.

The Supporting Strategies Difference:

  • Low Initial Investment of $60,000
  • Home-Based Business with Low Overhead
  • Variable Cost Business Model
  • Most Costs Tied Directly to Revenue
  • Recurring Revenue, Annuity Model
  • High Client Retention

Hear directly from a Supporting Strategies Franchisee:

“I made the strategic decision to look at franchised businesses with a proven model to support small businesses. When we were introduced to Supporting Strategies we knew this was the right business for us. It provided the opportunity for continual growth, flexibility to work virtually and leverages our backgrounds as consultants.” – Pete Denholm, Supporting Strategies | NE Florida

So is this the right investment for you? Delve into more details surrounding the opportunity and investment by visiting!

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