Keeping Up-to-Date on the Latest and Greatest in Small Business Bookkeeping Technology

More than many other industries, the bookkeeping industry is heavily reliant upon newly-emerging technology to stay ahead of your competitors. When choosing a small business bookkeeping franchise, you want to make sure your franchisor understands the importance of cutting edge technology. That’s why we’ve developed WorkPlace, our proprietary workflow management software, designed to help our franchisees with every aspect of running their business. Precision, organization, and transparency are incredibly important in our industry, and we understand the value of having your clients’ data at your fingertips at all times. WorkPlace ensures that our franchisees are capable of delivering accurate payroll and financial information with no unnecessary delay.


The WorkPlace Advantage

Supporting Strategies’ role as a leader in the bookkeeping business is partly thanks to WorkPlace. To be truly successful in the small business bookkeeping industry, we believe you need a sophisticated technology toolset that allows you to seamlessly manage a variety of bookkeeping processes. WorkPlace does just that. It allows franchises one-stop access to everything they need to effectively run the franchise from one easy-to-use application. It offers real-time visibility into all client engagements, and makes owning your own bookkeeping services franchise less chaotic, and more transparent and manageable. Here are a few of its main benefits.

Business Management

WorkPlace allows you to track employee time and create invoices for client billing in real time. It also makes it easy to utilize payroll data and analyze budget variances.

Team Management

One of the primary benefits of WorkPlace is it’s capacity for helping you manage team budgets, employee demographic data, and more.

Client Management

Client information is easily stored, organized and retrieved with WorkPlace. It also provides easy access to the specific procedures you will need to serve each client.

Task Management

Having efficient access to client information is essential. WorkPlace allow you to consolidate critical client information, and access it at a moment’s notice.

Third-Party Software 

WorkPlace isn’t the only technology we’re proud of at Supporting Strategies. In addition to WorkPlace, our franchisees also have access to third-party software, designed to make delivering quality bookkeeping services even easier.


Toolbox is a comprehensive array of integrated solutions for client management, including accounting tools that help manage clients’ general ledgers, payables and receivables transaction processing, document management, financial reporting and more.

Business Development

Hubspot CRM is a highly-effective tool for improving visibility into your contacts, networking efforts and sales pipeline. It can also play a vital role in helping you nurture, track, and organize your leads and customers.

If you’re excited about utilizing our cutting-edge technology to take your small business bookkeeping franchise to the next level, we might be a good fit for you. Reach out to us to learn more.


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