It’s Easier Than You Think: Misconceptions About Leaving Corporate Life and Investing in a Franchise

It’s been on your mind a lot lately. In fact, it is becoming all you can think about. The prospect of leaving your current job to go into business for yourself continues to look more and more attractive with each passing week.

That is not to say that you don’t have misgivings. Let me reassure you that is perfectly normal! The prospect of starting a new life by investing in a franchise and leaving corporate life behind can cause a range of emotions. Let’s try to turn most of those emotions into excitement rather than apprehension or fear by dispelling some common misconceptions. 


You Have the Knowledge and Skills

First and foremost, you already have the skills necessary to go into business for yourself. Your career has, in large part, prepared you to run a business. You know the basic structure of what day-to-day should look like and, if you’re anything like me, you have a wealth of ideas when it comes to things you wish your company would do if only you were in charge!

Additionally, if you have an advanced degree such as an MBA, you are that much more prepared to take the reins of your own business (and life!) and work towards your own goals. And you won’t be alone. Business Insider reported that it is becoming increasingly common for individuals with an MBA to go into business for themselves. Even more promising, the same article mentions that entrepreneurs are generally happier across the board when compared to those who work for large firms.

Resources at the Ready

One of the primary benefits of choosing a franchise is the access to resources provided by the company. Think of the franchise as a mentor that allows you the freedom you have been craving but still offers guidance, materials, and best-practices to you along the way as you grow your business. These resources include:

  • A scalable business model
  • A defined marketing territory
  • Training programs & recruiting support
  • Access to technology and programming specific to your business
  • Business development system & support
  • Industry specific training and materials

It’s Time to Take That Step 

With so much going in your favor, what are you waiting for? As previously mentioned, you have the skills and knowhow. Those are your secret weapons. And you will not be alone. If you choose to open a Supporting Strategies franchise you will have the support you need to get up and running and along every step of the way as you grow your business.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact Supporting Strategies today and begin the next step along your journey away from corporate life and towards being your own boss!

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