Is the Opportunity Right for You? Take Our Franchise Survey

Finding the most ideal franchise opportunity for you is imperative to a rewarding career. This is why, at Supporting Strategies, we have created a franchise survey catered to determine if you a good fit for our outsourced bookkeeping services brand. In order to be successful with a Supporting Strategies franchise, we need to be compatible. This means having an ideal background that has transferable skills and knowledge to a business services franchise such as industry expertise, a related education, or other factors. Your experience shows us that your values align with ours and that you are dedicated to executing our outsourced bookkeeping services to the fullest.


What Does the Franchise Survey Consist Of?

The franchise survey is simply our way of getting to know a little more about you. We want to see if we are compatible early in the process, so we can assess if a Supporting Strategies franchise is the best opportunity for you to pursue. Although not required, some of the ideal traits we look for from these surveys are people with prior bookkeeping or financial experience. We always carefully look for any and all transferable skills that can be beneficial in an outsourced bookkeeping franchise. If we think you are a good fit and want to proceed with the process, we will reach out to you to schedule a time.

Is the Franchise Survey a Commitment?

No — at this point of the process we are getting to know each other, and you are still learning more about the brand. The franchise survey is an initial step toward finding the best career for you and talking to us for more information is the best way to do that. Once you have done the research and decide that this is the best opportunity to pursue, we will move on to providing the franchise disclosure document (FDD) and other materials that you will need when you open your Supporting Strategies’ doors.

After reading the FDD and signing the franchise agreement – in addition to paying the franchise fee – you will then attend our training program to further understand the operations of our franchises and get introduced to our proprietary software, WorkPlace. This is a workflow management system that is designed for our franchisees. Since most of our outsourced bookkeeping services utilize cloud software, WorkPlace is a useful tool because it allows you to access things you will need to run your franchise like client billing invoices, employee time tracking, links to the support team, and more to help you run the day-to-day operations of your franchise.

Am I Ready to Take the Franchise Survey?

If you are still unsure about a franchise opportunity that offers outsourced bookkeeping services, we have additional resources to help. We offer multiple online webinars and free, downloadable content with tons of industry information, background on Supporting Strategies, and in-depth looks at what our franchises offer to customers.

We also have a virtual discovery experience that can help answer several of your questions and introduce you to the leadership team, explain what your role is as a Supporting Strategies franchisee, find out what support you can expect to get yourself started, and ask any questions about the brand or the outsourced bookkeeping services we offer. This opportunity can help you discover if a Supporting Strategies franchise is a viable option to you, and from there you can take our franchise survey to get connected to someone at our office and get started on a path to a rewarding career you know is right for you.

Download this free guide to learn more about what it takes to own an outsourced bookkeeping services franchise.

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