How to Start a Bookkeeping Franchise in 3 Steps

Starting a bookkeeping franchise can help open numerous doors for you. You would be in control of your work and use the skills you’ve acquired from years in the financial sector to work for yourself and not just be employed by a corporation. Supporting Strategies has the programs and methods in place that will show you how to start a bookkeeping franchise. Thanks to our knowledgeable team of experts, Supporting Strategies can show you how to start a bookkeeping franchise that you can be proud of.


How to Start a Bookkeeping Franchise

1. Use What You Know

Part of the screening process when vetting potential franchisees involves exploring a candidate’s background experience in a financial field – whether that be in accounting, wealth management, banking, or otherwise – to know you have a feel for our industry. For us, having the trust and assurance that you’ve been around the block in this or a similar industry is critical when deciding to onboard a new member of our franchise family.

2. Invest in a Proven Franchise Concept

When you’re trying to figure out how to start a bookkeeping franchise, one of the things you’ll probably ask is ‘can I trust this company?’ With Supporting Strategies, you can rest easy knowing that we offer a franchise concept that has been time-tested. When you invest with Supporting Strategies you are investing in more than just a bookkeeping franchise. With Supporting Strategies you get access to a long list of resources that should help you stand out from the pack.

You will have an exclusive territory for your franchise with exclusive marketing rights. We’ll provide you with materials to help you succeed in your territory.

One of the biggest challenges to learning how to start a bookkeeping franchise is having the necessary resources at your disposal. Supporting Strategies provides that with our operations manual that covers what it takes to run one of our bookkeeping franchises from using our proprietary software to proper hiring procedures.

3. WorkPlace

When it comes to software, Supporting Strategies utilizes a phenomenal, proprietary software platform called WorkPlace. As you’re getting your bookkeeping franchise off the ground, you will need to find a way to manage the workflow of your franchise. That’s where WorkPlace comes in.

WorkPlace is a special software that helps make the everyday tasks easier and more streamlined for your franchise. You can track employee activity as well as compile client invoices, and you can also analyze your budget and payroll data using the software as well.

WorkPlace allows you to manage your team, and your tasks, and can act as the final piece of your process of learning how to start a bookkeeping franchise. From locking down an exclusive territory to investing the necessary funds into your franchise, WorkPlace allows you to set up all the programs and systems you need to fully get your franchise operational.

To learn how to start a bookkeeping franchise, and to get your own business started today, reach out to us for more information.

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