How to Know if You’re Cut Out to Own a Small Business Bookkeeping Franchise

At Supporting Strategies, we like to think we offer an easily-accessible franchise opportunity, that even those with no industry experience will find exciting and profitable. Indeed, many of our franchisees have never worked in the bookkeeping industry before, no less owned a franchise, and we’re confident when we say that prior experience is not necessary to run a successful business. However, we do look for certain qualities in our franchisees, which indicate their potential for making the most of our business model. To truly take advantage of your small business bookkeeping franchise, you should be able to work within a set of guidelines, possess excellent communication skills, self-discipline, and be willing to learn the nuances of a new industry.

Following a Proven System

One of the benefits of opting for a small business bookkeeping franchise is that you’re not starting from scratch. We provide franchisees with a turnkey business model, operations manuals, and a set of procedures, which serve as guardrails for new business owners. While these procedures make your job easier, you must also be able to appreciate the level of research and trial-and-error behind them, and follow them as best you can. We have a proven business model in place, designed to maximize the profitability of our franchisees, but this only works if our franchisees respect those policies and procedures, and follow our system.

Communication Skills

Developing a strong rapport with customers, employees, vendors, community members, and anyone else involved in your franchise, is of the utmost importance. You will often need to communicate instructions, goals, and feedback to clients and employees. Clear communication is crucial for building memorable, long-term business relationships, and keeping operations running smoothly. By being transparent and good communicators, franchisees cultivate trust in their business, and loyalty among clients and employees. In the long run, it will help you run a smooth, transparent small business bookkeeping franchise.

Willingness to Learn

We want our franchisees to be diligent workers, who take initiative to conduct their own industry research, seek help where it’s needed, and do whatever it takes to get the job done. We offer an array of support avenues for new franchisees, including webinars and instructional materials, a network of fellow franchisees, and a support team ready to help you tackle any issue. While you might have some knowledge of business-ownership prior to joining our team, there’s always the potential to learn more. We don’t expect our franchisees to be experts, but we do expect them to know when to ask for help, and to have the enthusiasm to ask questions and continue learning at every turn.


Since a Supporting Strategies small business bookkeeping franchise is a remote, home-based business, it’s important that franchisees are adept at managing their own time. While many franchisees love the flexibility and freedom afforded by remote work, it also requires adhering to a rigorous schedule, and keeping yourself on task.

If you think your qualities  are  consistent with what we’re looking for in a small business bookkeeping franchisee, contact us today to learn more about the opportunity.

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