How to Hire and Maintain a Solid Bookkeeping Franchise Staff

Most of our franchisees decide to move into a franchise career because they enjoy the flexibility of working from home, and the ability to have a personal hand in every aspect of the business. Hiring a great team allows franchisees to build out their business, allowing them to take on more clients and expand quickly. You’ll need the perfect bookkeeping franchise staff, who are a good fit both personality and experience-wise. The right staff can often determine whether or not your franchise successful. As with many fields, communication, transparency, professionalism, and the ability to build relationships are incredibly important to ensuring your business gets off to a solid start.



Integrity and professionalism are among the most important characteristics you should look for in your employees. You still will be handling sensitive financial information, and must do so with transparency, care, and diligence. Your employees should have experience in the financial industry, and preferably several years of bookkeeping experience. When a company hires you to manage their finances, they’re welcoming you into their family, so when you staff your franchise, you should consider it like adding a new member to that family.

Be Clear About Expectations

One of the most common reasons new hires generally fail to fulfill their potential is because the employer isn't clear about what is expected of them. In addition to fully understanding the client’s needs, and having clear, open communication with every client, your employees should know what standards you hold them to, and what they need to do to meet your expectations. You can do this by creating clear job descriptions, being transparent and straightforward in interview, and then holding staff responsible for fulfilling their duties as outlined. Important. And as with any job, conducting background checks and contacting references for all candidates is essential.


The prospect of hunting down qualified, talented bookkeepers might sound overwhelming. Well, don't just limit yourself to traditional job postings. One of the best ways to find good employees is by exploring your professional network. Attend career fairs, conferences, or open interviews. Many bookkeepers have been previously employed in corporate settings or other similar environments, and are simply looking for a change. Don’t be afraid to reach out to any contacts in the accounting field for referrals.

If you can’t wait to start building an all-star bookkeeping franchise staff, reach out to us today for more information on how to get started.

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