How it Works: Leaving Your Corporate Job to Franchise

If you’re thinking about leaving your corporate job to work for yourself, congratulations! It’s a big but rewarding step. However, if you still need that little push, Franchise Business laid out all of the reasons that you should consider leaving your job and invest in a franchise location. 

Some of the benefits of leaving your corporate job and investing in a franchise such as Supporting Strategies include a turnkey investment with a track record of success, high brand awareness, a proven system, an easier time financing, and ongoing training. 

You’ll receive your initial training at Supporting Strategies University and get a feel for the operations manual as well as our proprietary workflow management technology, WorkPlace. 

At Supporting Strategies, you’ll also receive a defined marketing territory, marketing assistance, and the chance to go multi-unit if you decide that you want to branch out and achieve even more economies of scale and diversified revenue streams. 

Bookkeeping Franchise Ownership

How to Make the Dream of Franchise Ownership a Reality 

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Supporting Strategies team, then the first step that you should take is requesting more information. From there, you’ll interact with the franchise development team, submit your application, and review your franchise disclosure document. 

Your franchise disclosure document will discuss your initial investment, franchise fee, other fees and expenses, territory, trademarks, and franchising obligations. The FDD gives you all the information you need about making an investment and what you might make along your franchising journey.

Because a bookkeeping franchise is less equipment-intensive than other franchises—and because Supporting Strategies is a turnkey investment with financing options available—the overall investment is more manageable and many franchisees find there are fewer startup expenses to worry about. 

Start Saving Your Money 

Having said all of that, transitioning from the corporate world to franchising will still require financial stability. Make sure you have enough working capital for running your franchise and that your credit score and net worth are robust enough to secure private financing should you need to take out loans. 

Take the Virtual Discovery Experience! 

Supporting Strategies offers a discovery day online where you can meet the CEO and support team as well as get a closer look into the variable cost-delivery system, virtual infrastructure and workflow, and team management philosophy at Supporting Strategies. Your discovery day will give you the chance to interact with the Supporting Strategies team and get answers to any questions you might have about the franchising process, the investment, and more. 

Review Your FDD, Research, and Ask Questions 

It’s incredibly important to do your research when you’re looking into making a franchise investment. Compare the merits of Supporting Strategies against other bookkeeping franchises, research your market, and ask whether there will be a future need for the products that each bookkeeping franchise is offering. However, we know that when you research the franchise opportunity at Supporting Strategies, you’ll find that there are so many benefits that come with it.

Be Prepared to Work Hard…On Your Terms 

Running a bookkeeping franchise allows you more latitude than most corporate jobs but you’ll still need to put in the hours, delegate where necessary, and take responsibility. Fortunately, there’s WorkPlace to make your transition that much smoother overall.  

If you’re ready to leave your corporate job in favor of a career in franchising, request more information today and get started on your franchise journey with Supporting Strategies!


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