Four Bookkeeping Services Supporting Strategies Franchisees Offer

Taking the leap and working towards running your own Supporting Strategies franchise is an amazing way to take control of your career and work for yourself. Now, you may be wondering what exactly do Supporting Strategies franchises do, and what bookkeeping services would you and your franchise offer?

Supporting Strategies has numerous services that their franchises offer, and, simply put, other companies in the field of outsourced bookkeeping and controller services cannot compete. In addition to the standard services that all franchises offer, franchisees can establish niche service levels based on their experience and the needs in their location. Here are some services that you can expect to present to clients with your own Supporting Strategies franchise.


1: Payroll and Human Resource Administration

Supporting Strategies franchises help small companies reach their full potential. Small companies grow by focusing time and resources on improving their core product, and the time spent on payroll and administrative work impedes that progress. That’s where Supporting Strategies comes in to help.

One of our primary bookkeeping services involves processing payroll for small companies and handling other administrative tasks. This helps both the company and your franchise grow at the same time by helping the client focus more on their business and promoting your relationship with the client to keep them coming back to your Supporting Strategies franchise for their bookkeeping needs.

2: Expense and Accounts Payable Management

If you’re a small company looking to grow, there’s nothing more tedious than documenting every single expense report and managing all the myriad accounts for your business. Fortunately, that’s right up our alley. Another one of our bookkeeping services we offer is to maintain and manage everything related to expense accounts and accounts payable.

Franchisees understand that the benefit of offering this is immense, because nearly every company will need to have these types of accounts managed. You and your franchise would be perfectly positioned to take on the work and grow yourself while also building your client base.

3: Financial Reporting and Analysis

Not only do Supporting Strategies franchisees offer account management and administrative assistance, but they also can report and analyze a company’s financials. That involves everything from budget analysis to reports and projections about future growth.

What makes this all work is WorkPlace. WorkPlace is our own proprietary software that makes several service and business related tasks run efficiently and accurately. WorkPlace is a management software that works to centralize bookkeeping services in one place. It works in real-time to keep on top of the numerous transactions and activities going on.

This includes task management to keep all your clients’ information easily navigable and always at your fingertips as well as team management to stay on top of all the budgets that you manage.

4: Revenue Recognition and Customer Invoicing

The outsourced bookkeeping and controller services industry generates $145 billion a year and will continue to grow. That’s a lot of potential in the bookkeeping services industry for a notable amount of profit. This is where franchising comes in. Supporting Strategies has created a concept that is favorable to bring in qualifying franchisees to a market where they could have a chance for success.

Clients recognize the work Supporting Strategies does and the bookkeeping services our franchisees offer. In addition to the aforementioned services, we also offer to aggregate the different revenue streams our clients bring in and generate reports based off that data and customer invoicing.

Offering Bookkeeping Services with a Supporting Strategies Franchise

Supporting Strategies proves to be a beneficial option for both clients looking to help their business thrive and for prospective franchisees who are searching for an opportunity to make an impact in finance and put their prior experience to great use. Outsourced bookkeeping services have a high demand and Supporting Strategies franchises supply clients with a desirable offering.

To learn more about the bookkeeping services offered by Supporting Strategies and how to become a franchisee, contact us today for more information.

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