“Do I Get Help and Support?” and 5 Other Franchising Questions Answered

Now that you know franchising is a great option for you, it’s important to invest in a franchise that you not only are interested in, but one that will give you all the resources and support you need to get started and throughout the life of your franchise. At Supporting Strategies, we provide just that for our franchisees and we even provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Bookkeeping and Training

Q: Do I get help and support? 

A: The answer is that you’re never without help and support when you’re franchising with Supporting Strategies.

As a bookkeeping and operational support franchise, Supporting Strategies helps in a number of ways: providing team recruiting support, training programs, training at Supporting Strategies University, help desk support, document management services help, and access to Supporting Strategies proprietary technological platform, WorkPlace. 

WorkPlace, our proprietary workflow management system, a dashboard for real-time, role-based client management visibility which enables franchisees to access everything they need to run their business from one easy-to-use application.. You’ll also receive startup and ongoing assistance. 

Q: Will I get an exclusive marketing territory? 

A: Yes! As a franchisee at one of the top bookkeeping franchises, you’ll receive an exclusive marketing territory.

Once you complete your franchise application and work with our franchise development team to find the ideal location in your area, you’ll receive a defined marketing territory that gives you exclusive marketing access to 20,000 local small businesses. 

Q: What does the application process entail really? 

A: It’s very simple. The application process at Supporting Strategies follows six steps: submit request for more information, meet the franchise development team, submit your franchise application, review your franchise disclosure document, sign your franchise agreement, and attend training at Supporting Strategies University. It’s that easy. 

Q: What kinds of services can I offer clients? 

A: Small business owners—those overseeing 100 or fewer employees—can struggle to juggle bookkeeping and logistics on the one hand, and human resource and help desk functions on the other. When you consider that they have to do all of this on top of running their business, it’s amazing that there are still 28 million small businesses in the United States. 

You can help many of those small businesses with the services that you’ll be trained to offer as a Supporting Strategies franchisee. These Supporting Strategies services range from bookkeeping, revenue recognition, and expenses to financial reporting, payroll, and human resource administration functions.

This means that you can help small businesses with the day-to-day logistical and financial details as well as scouting out and hiring tomorrow’s talent since you’ll be offering payroll and human resource administration services side by side. That’s hugely convenient for small business owners. 

Q: Where are Supporting Strategies offices? 

A: Supporting Strategies has offices throughout the United States. If you have a high concentration of small businesses in your area, then Supporting Strategies might be the ideal franchise for you. 

Q: What additional resources can I expect? 

A: That’s a great question that’s asked all of the time. The answer is that investing with Supporting Strategies comes with a lot of perks, including access to virtual key and virtual cloud as well as a marketing kit when you sign your franchise agreement. Our marketing kit includes branded brochures and folders, personalized business cards, and your own web page so that you can effectively reach out to clients and reap the benefits of search engine optimization. You can also use these tools to aid in reaching potential clients on social media. 

Signing your franchise agreement also means that you’ll receive your Supporting Strategies operations manual along with your exclusive marketing territory. It’s all about setting franchise owners up to hit their stride from day one. 

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