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Benefit from our Workflow Management Software when Opening a Bookkeeping Business

Dec 11, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Steve Schultz

Once you have made the decision to invest in opening a bookkeeping business through Supporting Strategies, the time has come to start reaping all of the benefits. In addition to operations in an exclusive marketing territory and a cohort assignment, you are also given access to our proprietary workflow management software, WorkPlace™.

Successful Business Woman Holding a Laptop | SupportingStrategiesFranchise.com

This toolset presents a sophisticated and current technology that lends itself to the success of your franchise. It acts as the perfect one-stop access to everything you need to effectively run your business!

Business Management

  • Track employee time and create billing invoices for client billing
  • Easily utilize payroll data and analyze budget variances

Supporting Strategies University

  • Have complete access to our library or video-based courses, as well as customized templates and articles on operations, business development, and bookkeeping

Team Management

  • Manage team budgets, employee demographic data, and more

Client Management

  • Access all the tools you need to conveniently store and retrieve client information
  • Provides easy access to the specific procedures needed to serve each client

Task Management         

  • Have client information at your fingertips
  • Consolidate critical client information

The bookkeeping industry is thriving and continues to grow. With Supporting Strategies on your side, you will have more than just a foot in the door. Learn more about the opportunity by visiting SupportingStrategiesFranchise.com.

Steve Schultz

Written by Steve Schultz