5 Steps to Opening a Bookkeeping Business | Supporting Strategies Franchise

Once you’ve decided to join our franchise family, you can look forward to the exciting and rewarding process of opening your bookkeeping business. This includes several steps designed to both educate prospective franchisees, and allow them to determine whether the franchise is actually a good fit. Our application process is tailored to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and guide you smoothly through the early stages of owning your new franchise.

Information Gathering

Before making the big investment, you should be 100% positive that you’re financially capable of that investment. For both yours and our sake, we have certain financial prerequisites that we require all prospective franchisees to meet. We will also provide you with an extensive collection of materials and literature that fully outline what you should expect, so you can be fully informed before embarking on the process.

Meet with the Franchise Development Team

Sitting down with our Franchise Development Team means being able to learn first-hand what opening a Supporting Strategies bookkeeping franchise is all about. Our team will address your questions, and discuss what motivated you to start your franchise opportunity. We don’t expect you to have a ton of bookkeeping experience, but we do want to get acquainted with you, find out what experiences set you apart from other candidates, and see if you’re a good fit with our brand. Our team will be sure to explain to you our expectations, and put you in touch with other current franchisees who can be incredibly valuable as sources of advice and input.

The Franchise Agreement

Before opening a bookkeeping business with us, you should fully understand the terms of our partnership. This includes designation of your exclusive marketing territory, franchise fee, royalties, our training and support structure, and more. All of this information is contained in the Franchise Disclosure Document, and you should review it carefully and reach out with any questions. We’re happy to connect you with our Franchise Development Team or current franchisees to clear up any questions before you sign.

Attend Training

Once your application is accepted, we’ll line up training seminars to ensure you and your staff are fully prepared to open your doors. We offer an extensive suite of educational and training materials, called Supporting Strategies University (SSU). This rich repository of resources includes on-demand video-based courses and a library with standardized procedures, customized templates and articles on bookkeeping, operations, business development, franchise management and more.

Meet Your Cohort

Once you complete your training, you’re officially part of the Supporting Strategies team! We’ll assign you a cohort of approximately eight other franchisees, so you can exchange ideas about running your bookkeeping businesses. These mutually-beneficial relationships are an integral way of staying connected with other members of the Supporting Strategies family, and fostering a sense of community.

If you’re serious about opening a bookkeeping business with us, and are eager to learn more about the process, opportunity, contact us today.

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