4 Skills That Work Well in the Franchising Industry

While you don’t need to possess extensive industry experience to run a successful bookkeeping business, there are certain skills you should demonstrate if you’re thinking of entering the franchising industry for the first time. To truly take advantage of your small business bookkeeping franchise, you should feel comfortable working within a set of clearly-defined guidelines, be willing to learn those aspects of the business that are unfamiliar to you (and ask questions!) possess excellent communication skills, and be adept at time-management.

Franchising industry

Following a Franchise Model

One of the benefits of franchise ownership is that you’re not starting from scratch. We provide franchisees with a business model, operations manuals, and a set of procedures, which new franchise owners must follow. Our business model is in place because it’s been proven to guide franchisees toward success, and help them through some of the more difficult nuances of franchise ownership. Inability to follow our franchise model will prove detrimental, so we strongly encourage all prospective franchisees to adhere to our guidelines as much as possible.

Willingness to Learn

We want our franchisees to be diligent workers who take initiative, and seek help where needed. We offer an array of support avenues for new franchisees, including webinars and instructional materials, a network of fellow franchisees, and a support team ready to help you tackle any issue – and we expect franchisees to take advantage of them. While you might have some knowledge of business ownership prior to joining our team, we certainly don’t expect you to know everything. We do, however, expect you to know when to ask for help.

Communication Skills

Developing a strong rapport with customers, employees, vendors, community members, and anyone else involved in your franchise is absolutely vital to your success. You will regularly need to communicate instructions, goals, and feedback to clients and employees, which is crucial for building long-term business relationships, and keeping operations running smoothly. Being transparent and maintaining a steady stream of communication will go a long way toward cultivating trust and loyalty among clients.


Since Supporting Strategies is a remote, home-based bookkeeping franchise, it’s important that you are adept at managing your own time. While many franchisees love the flexibility and freedom afforded by remote work, it can be difficult to adapt to structuring your time when not on a fixed schedule, with set hours. Adhering to your own strict, rigorous schedule, and keeping yourself on task, is integral to the progress and successful evolution of your franchise.

If you think you possess the skills necessary to be successful in the franchising industry, contact us today to learn more about the Supporting Strategies opportunity.

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