4 Skills Every Franchise Owner Needs

Succeeding as a franchise owner takes skill. Apart from being a fearless maverick who isn’t afraid to take risks, the most successful franchisees are team players who take franchisor procedures to heart. After all, the best players in the franchising industry are often the people who live by the rules of a proven system.

If you’re contemplating a move to the franchising industry, here’s a list of the skills you need to increase your probability of success:

Franchising Skills

Pro-active Communication

Developing a strong rapport with customers and suppliers is necessary for building memorable, long-term business relationships. In any professional setting, communication is necessary to keep operations running smoothly. By maintaining an open line of communication, franchisees have a bigger chance of cultivating trust and loyalty in their business.

Communication is a two-way street. Apart from communicating instructions, goals, and feedback, a franchisee needs listening skills, as well. That way, your employees will feel more comfortable sharing their issues and you can respond to a crisis when it happens. The right communication skills give you the ability to change gears at a moment’s notice while keeping your goals within reach, after all.

System Orientation

Some people think that a burning entrepreneurial spirit is a prerequisite for becoming a successful franchise owner. But therein lies the primary difference between franchising and entrepreneurship: while entrepreneurs often have incredible confidence in innovation and in reinventing the wheel, owning a franchise entails the opposite. In the franchising industry, maximizing results involves following a proven system.

Successful franchisees seek the right way to do things and to stick to it. Set yourself apart by seeking advice from your peers so you’ll become less likely to commit mistakes down the line.

Risk Aversion

As a franchisee, you’ll know what you’re getting into; the venture is far from being a gamble because it already has a proven system in place. So, while owning a franchise entails some risks, franchisees work hard to keep them as small and controlled as possible. Become a practical problem solver, by weighing the pros and cons of every situation and coming up with practical solutions.

More importantly, however, your decision-making skills will also give you a gentle nudge and tell you when they’ve taken things too far and need to approach things from a different angle.

Determination and Coachability

Franchisees are diligent workers who do whatever it takes to get the job done. Their affinity for hard work shows in their willingness to handle multiple tasks at once and to put in long hours. They also understand the importance of working as a team. As a result, successful franchisees take the opportunity to learn from others, even outside the franchise system.

When in doubt, franchisees seek advice from franchisor support staff and other franchise owners. Since they have a strong sense of structure and organization, they operate by the rules and trust the opinions of the seasoned pros.

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