4 Franchising Tips for Increasing Your Online Presence

To run a truly strong franchise requires that customers have a consistent awareness of your brand and what you offer. With the rise of digital marketing and social media, it’s increasingly important to ensure that your online presence is solid, and optimized to promote engagement. This is essential to crafting a professional image for your business, educating your target demographic about what services you provide, and distinguishing yourself from the competition. The value of a sophisticated web presence can’t be underestimated. Here are four franchising tips to increase your online presence and give yourself an edge. 

Franchising Tips


When you’re aiming to capture a client’s attention — whether it’s on social media or your website — it’s important to create engaging content. You want to craft content that’s both informational and entertaining, and makes potential clients stop and read. One of the best ways to do this is by starting a blog to address questions people are asking. Blogs can be a great way to produce continuous, engaging content that both speaks to clients’ questions, and educates them about what makes you unique. Consistent content updates will not only be helpful and informational for your clients, but also encourage them to keep revisiting your site for updates.

Refine User Experience

Content is important, but an online customer won’t even get to see your content if you have a slow, inconvenient user experience. Online customers want their information immediately and without having to comb through several confusing webpages. One of the most important franchising tips for increasing your online presence is to make sure your online footprint is smooth, easily-accessible, and intuitive. If you were a user, would you find it easy to navigate your website? Is the essential information presented clearly and without too much digging? Tightening your user experience will go a long way toward increasing clicks, and encouraging users to spend more time on your site.

Social Media

If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective way to promote your brand, social media is a great option. A strong Facebook page, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be powerful tools for generating brand loyalty, recognition, and ultimately revenue. Also, social media allows you to reach audiences everywhere, and keep track of your followers and engagement, so you can refine your marketing strategy as you go along.

Optimize Your Marketing

Marketing, both physical and digital, is an essential part of building a successful franchise. Luckily, Supporting Strategies will set you up with marketing materials designed to maximize your chances of success. Whether it’s brochures, folders, popup banners, website assistance, or business cards, we equip you with what you need to create local awareness of our brand, and promote your franchise. We strongly encourage our franchisees to take full advantage of our suite of marketing resources, to create a strong digital footprint and distinguish themselves from the competition.

If you’re ready to put these franchising tips to work, and start your own bookkeeping franchise with Supporting Strategies, reach out to us here to learn more.

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