3 Bookkeeping Franchise Myths to Disregard

It’s natural to be wary when considering opening your own franchise; there’s a long education process involved, financial risk, and the uncertainty that comes with any business venture. Due diligence is important. However, all too often, prospective franchisees are scared off by unfounded fears, and misinformation regarding the process. We’ve been in the franchising business for many years, worked with franchisees of all backgrounds, and helped them work through a variety of obstacles. If you think a bookkeeping franchise opportunity might be right for you, here are a few common myths you shouldn’t let get in the way of your career goals.

Supporting Strategies Bookkeeping Franchise

Industry Experience is Required

While it can’t hurt to have prior experience in your chosen industry, it is by no means required. Many of our franchisees have backgrounds in a variety of diverse businesses, or finance, and have never worked specifically in bookkeeping before. What’s more useful than a lengthy career in bookkeeping is a passion for new technology, a commitment to understanding our process, and a curiosity for learning the ins and outs of the new industry.

We pride ourselves on our extensive suite of training resources, designed to get you up to speed on everything you need to know. We offer training seminars for you to attend, and our Supporting Strategies University, which includes on-demand video-based courses, a library with standardized procedures, customized templates and more. We also have live support and training available as well.

Lack of Flexibility

One of the most attractive aspect of franchising is the prospect of leaving a corporate job with little freedom, and having the ability to make customize your business to your own personal taste and lifestyle. However, there’s still a misconception that franchisees must stay within restrictive guidelines, and deal with intrusive corporate interference.

At Supporting Strategies, we want you to be your own boss. The beauty of a bookkeeping franchise is that you can truly have complete control over the size and scope of your business; whether you decide to rent office space, work from home, hire a few employees or several. Franchisee flexibility and happiness are among our most important values.

I Can’t Afford It

There’s no getting around it—franchising isn’t cheap. The decision to invest in a franchise is a big one, and you should always make sure you’re financially capable of taking the plunge.

However, it’s important not to let yourself get overwhelmed. Remember, you’re buying a turnkey business model with a track record of success. If you choose to pursue a bookkeeping franchise opportunity, you’re not just buying a brand name, but a network of support, a suite of educational materials, and cutting-edge technology that will help position you for success. A franchise isn’t a purchase, it’s truly an investment, and it’s our job to help you see the value of that investment as quickly as possible. 

Think a bookkeeping franchise opportunity is right for you? Contact us to see if we’d be a good fit.

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